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Exit Wounds

But while most Serbs want EU membership, they also want Kosovo back. So the debate is always heated.

Crop Allocation

Within the Latin American countries surveyed - Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru - at least three-quarters of respondents perceived big divisions, most often in politics but also between the rich and poor. The survey suggests Latin America's political divisions were even more pronounced than Europe's, having been identified by more than half of respondents as a cause of polarization. President Mauricio Macri campaigned for office in with a promise to do away with "la grieta" - the term meaning "the rift" that described the deep state of polarization that had grown under previous left-wing Kirchner administrations Two-thirds of respondents agreed that people across the world have more in common than they have differences.

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While political, religious or gender divides might manifest themselves in fierce debates or protests in other countries, there is very little tolerance of dissent in China. Heavy state control of media prevents meaningful and open political discussion. As a result, social divisions are often papered over.

India Plans Big Detention Camps for Migrants. Muslims Are Afraid.

Former president Hu Jintao advocated building a "harmonious society", a fair and just society where rule of law was observed and people trusted each other. The slogan has been seen and heard everywhere. But when citizens find their postings removed from social media because they are deemed offensive by censors, they say "my post has been harmonised".

Even so, the leadership recognises the income divide reflected in China's GINI coefficient indicating a high level of income inequality. President Xi Jinxping's "China Dream" to rejuvenate the nation has undoubtedly inspired many Chinese people - but it has certainly not worked out for everyone.

Impasse and Opportunity: Reframing Postcolonial Territory at the India-Bangladesh Border

Nearly men and boys were tortured, sexually abused, chained up and starved, police said. Half of Britons cited a divide between immigrants and nationals. Media playback is unsupported on your device. More on this story. But for the first time in a long time, that seems like a possibility.

It would be a fascinating bank shot, from a handful of Republican-led state legislatures, through the red velvet curtains of the U.

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Supreme Court, to a new precedent that would remake national policy. Conservatives in these states are creating legislation deliberately designed to provoke judicial review at the highest level.

Red America, Blue America: Why Political Polarization Will Only Worsen

The question is whether the red states leading the charge have gone too far to advance the agenda from the right. While conservatives ponder whether they are making the right moves on abortion, state officials on the left are struggling with a similar set of challenges. Hawaii and New York have banned a pesticide that some scientists believe causes neurological problems in children.

Colorado and New Mexico are cracking down on greenhouse gas emissions from wells drilling for fossil fuels. The blizzard of environmental actions is making life difficult for quite a few industries. Whichever side businesses find themselves on, the one thing they dislike most is uncertainty. These battles have introduced enormous long-term uncertainty about where the regulatory balance will end up.

Crossing Divides: Europe 'more split' than decade ago

This time, though, the states are pushing in diametrically opposed ways. Some are tugging hard to the right. Others are pulling strongly to the left. The real action is happening out in the country, where the states are riding off in different directions.

2017, the United States: a Nation Polarized

In an emergency, government must convince people it knows best for them.