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What about family and friends? So, speeding up his pace, he reached H. Samuel the Jewelers, and tried his phone once again. This time it worked. Sighing with relief he looked around and realised that he had returned to the present. But the strange thing was, he could still see, down the end of the road, people still walking around in By this time Sean had seen enough, and dived onto a bus to go home. When he was interviewed by the local newspaper later, he stated over four times, the exact account. Now, you may think that Sean was making the story up to escape from the guard.

But the strange tale didn't end there. When the Security Guard was interviewed, he stated that when he ran after Sean, and turned down the dead end Alley after him, he said that Sean had completely disappeared! When the newspaper checked out the facts of Sean's story, they found that everything he said was historically accurate. These three stories are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many tales from around Liverpool that tell of time slips, ghosts and other strange phenomenon.

The stories keep coming thick and fast, and of course the more tales, the more likely people will start to believe that they are all being made up, or as the saying goes, Urban Tales. So, what do you think? Real life time slips, imagination, mass hallucination or purely tales that have started out as fun but have turned into the greatest Urban Legends of all time.

My opinion is that, yes, something did happen. Probably to the first guy, Frank who was just out shopping with his wife. The others? Maybe it was a case of mistaken roads, taking a wrong turning or just a glitch in the persons memory.

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By the time they get home they totally believe what happened. Or is it true? There are so many cases concerning Bold Street, and just about anywhere else in Liverpool, that maybe, just maybe they are all living on top of the biggest time slip phenomena in the World. The time slips seem to happen and change quickly. My answer is the same as above.

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I think the object would disappear when the time slip went, but you never know! I read your story with interest. They may have been made up, but what would be the motive in making up the Liverpool Time Slips? If true I think the big question is whether there was any interaction with those people from the past. I agree, there would definitely be no reason to make it up. Of course, it could be cognitive. In the sense that maybe their mind thought or hallucinated it. But of course, that can't really be it if they can confirm the shops etc were really there years ago. And yes we do really need to see the interaction between the people and times to get a picture.

Good question!

Mysterious Cases Of Time Travel That Can't Be Explained

It would be great, wouldn't it? The trouble is, for starters you wouldn't have the right money to pay them as money changes shape and colour all the time. And then there is the question, would the object you bought disappear along with the time slip? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Hi Keith, that is weird! And that is the sort of thing that does make me wonder about timeslips etc.

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This was some think that happened to me in the 80s this the story i put on my facebook page. Hi Keith, never thought of that, but maybe you are right! Something is definitely interfering with the atmosphere and atoms. Thanks for reading. Thanks for your email Jacqueline, and your fascinating story. Yes I have had that buzzing and sleep paralysis. I have had astral projection too when I was young. I have had a number of 'Astral Projections' throughout my life which were frightening.

Once I had to have my mother hold my hand to stop me coming out of my body.

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Whenever one happened I would feel paralysed and unable to scream or move and my body would float out, but before it happened there was a sort of fizzing and electrical sound in the back of my brain, Pineal? I have since found out that this is called sleep paralysis where the dreamer is still awake. The doctor called it petit mal.

My daughter has the same experiences but gets auras, sometimes four in a morning, which the doctors have called Focal seizures. Neither of us suffers from epilepsy and I can watch many flashing strobe lights which prove this. However, I have had a time slip experience where I was on one spot of the M6 and just a few seconds later a hundred miles down the road where I really wanted to be. It was a shock but I accepted it as I had had many mystical experiences.

I do believe that our brain could go into an electrical storm with itself and pick up perhaps remnants or memories in dna, perhaps even passed down memories.

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Perhaps the DNA could even have some help in time travelling in the future. Electricity, DNA??

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I read that we could never go back in time through a wormhole because the feedback would destroy us, but what if the feedback can be directed elsewhere, like the feedback from music amps where we just point the mic. ALL sorts of anomalies aren't there?

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But I do believe that everything, the past, present and future are not separated. It is our conditioning and our wish to live in an ordered world that makes us adhere to time. I also believe that one day when the energy of the whole of the universe collapses that the big bang will occur again and the whole of history will repeat itself, including our own personal lives. I believe, not so much in reincarnation, but in our reincarnating selves. We will see our pram again, our parents, and things will be purer each time. Like a tree dies over winter and comes back into life in Spring, in a bigger and better form.

They say that we can't go back in time because of the feedback but what if we could go so far into the future that we go round in the circle to the big bang again and arrive at our desired destination from the PAST. I would be thrilled to talk to some physicist over this. Sadly I am not a physicist and cannot provide the equations. I believe that we only see and experience the continuation of time because of our conditioning which goes way back in our DNA.

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It is our way of understanding and travelling the omnipresence we are all part of. If that deep conditioning slips for a moment, for instance, taking LDS can slow down time and even alter spaces, then in that world, a quantum space, whether others can see us in different spaces as they ae in those different quantum spaces, but perhaps the ones who cannot see us have stayed behind in their own quantum space.

For some reason, I do not have the time to write a lot more on this that I could because it would unsettle. Hear hear! First, I'm not given to blindly believe the countless attention-seeking internet claims and accounts without verifiable evidence, but often less likely to believe the ramblings of skeptics who's frustated explanations are frequently more implausible.

Even GPS satellites in rapid geostationary motion must be regularly calibrated to maintain accuracy resulting from motion-based time dilation. The effect upon entrant observers would be quite the same. I'm also inclined to believe that relative variations in space-time can indeed exist without an influential body, unlike hollow explanations of 'dark matter' employed to explain 'dark energy' in free space.

Without energistic losses, such variations might exist in perpetuity, and likely created by the incredible forces within galaxies and black holes, for example. To the ardent skeptic I would suggest keeping an open mind, rather than struggle to reduce everything in the world about us to simplistic, and often more ridiculous explanations - without facts either way.